Chicken pox, Measles or just plain acne?

The previous campsite was ideal for a warm up and a hot shower, the bar and tapas was on the good side too. The views of the Nevadas were great but the rather noisy road between us and the (gritty) beach did not tempt us to remain more than 2 nights. The forecast for the weekend was not brilliant either so we’ve moved further north to just outside Almeria where the forecast today is for “spotty rain” and it’s due to become warm and sunny (allegedly) next week.

The A7 autovia is a marvel of engineering with long tunnels and equally long viaducts alternating through the mountains and over the valleys and frequent coastal views. Tom, who has not been updated for a good while, was under the mistaken impression that the autovia had not quite been completed and diverted me to the old coastal road for about 12K. I felt I was on one of those roads you see in films or car ads; steep climbs and descents, sweeping curves and tight bends, the cliff edge with a drop a few hundred feet down to the Mediterranean just 9 inches away on my right. Plenty of miradors to stop in and enjoy the coastal vistas. Joy – I bet I was grinning again!

Arriving here was a bit of an anticlimax but the site is very spacious and the welcome an improvement on the previous site so with the beach a little further away but no noisy road to cross I warmed to it very rapidly. Last night I held a solo planning meeting, the Bezzies and I are about to part company as they have to return the T5 to Malaga in a few days. I’ve routed myself via Barcelona for the journey north and am determined that this time I will get to see the interior of the Sagrida Familia.

Whilst out with Daize this morning I also decided to email Maxine and Karin to see how close they are. The answer was “Very” as I delightedly discovered, before I could even send the query, returning round the back of R0X1 to be greeted by a grinning Max with Charley! (They’d recognised the gaffer tape on the broken window!!) They’ve been here about a week and are parked just a few vans away – wine o’clock may be a bit noisy tonight …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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