Found – the Lonely Goatherd

What a difference a few days makes – having seen an updated weather forecast we returned to Plan A and went to a campsite that appeared to be the nearest to El Chorro, at Pizzara. Run by a British couple the site is magnificently placed with fantastic views and absolute peace and tranquillity, the owners are very friendly and welcoming but it’s not the best place for tourers as, the main part of their business appearing to be catering for statics, motorhome facilities leave a bit to be desired. We spent a day driving round the reservoirs (levels very low) and checking out the twistiness of the mountain roads (they passed muster) and we are now further up the road a bit waiting to walk the gorge at El Chorro on Tuesday. 

BUT, winter has arrived. I am this evening wearing full winter gear, lined trousers and 3 layers of tops,  and as well as the electric radiator the heating is belting out on setting 3. We’ve had several torrential hailstorms and gale force winds, poor Daize, recovering from a nasty ear infection and a visit to a Spanish vet, didn’t think much of it at all, we were out walking the woods when the first hailstorm hit  …

I have however seen the Lonely Goatherd; he’s alive (getting on a bit tho’), appears well and herding near Pizarro. He gave me a lovely wave as he and his dog moved his goats up to fresher pastures yesterday. The Goatbell Symphony sounded superb echoing around the mountains as about 50 of the beasties wandered up the slopes. Can’t believe, given today’s weather, that only yesterday I was picking mimosa blossom and verbena …

Tonight we have been toasting in cava, the safe arrival of a baby boy to Rose’s daughter Vicky. Long life, health and happiness young Jacob!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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