Down The Mine …

Today was our last in Ronda – ’til next time!

I’m pleased that R&S seem to love it here as much as I do. Despite the cold we’ve had a great time, lovely cafes with panoramic views for coffee, excellent sight seeing and the Tapas bar we had to visit twice just to make sure we enjoyed it as much as we thought we had the first time – we had and did.

Scenes from Ronda

Today we decided that the 7 kilometre round trip from the campsite to the centre of town on foot was not enough exercise so we added in a little more – the steps from the Casa del Rey Moro next to the old bridge, to the bottom of the gorge. Called The Mine, this was the 200ft flight of stairs that the slaves walked up and down to collect water from the river for their Moorish masters – pity they didn’t have the rotary pump that my paternal grandfather invented! Somehow all four of us survived the experience but it has to be confessed that the only water collected was by Daisy; on her fur as she negotiated the puddles in the tunnelled circular stairwell.

Casa del Rey Moro and Mine

We’ve postponed our visit to the gorge at El Chorro after seeing the weather forecast. The committee decision is to avoid the rain by spending the weekend in Marbella which, whilst expected to be cloudy, will be warmer and mostly dry – with the exception of our wine tumblers – Cheers!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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