Spanish pillow talk

I was brave.

You certainly were. I’m very proud of you.

Don’t think I want to do it again tho’.

You don’t have to.

I just thought I ought to have a go.

And you did.

Were you worried?

A bit, but it was over so quickly …

I just went for it.

Surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it. I saw the wave coming and thought you were going to do your usual runaway.

I SWAM – in the sea!

Best little-white-doggie paddle I ever saw.

Are you really proud?



Yup – and maybe just one lick …

8 thoughts on “Spanish pillow talk

  1. Hi Maggie, are you anywhere near Manilva? Looked for you here today but didn’t find you – off to Malaga tomorrow, back by evening (so stick the kettle on if you arrive!).

    1. Currently near Tarifa, my friends have just arrived. Gale force winds, (too high for the wind surfers) so we may move inland sooner rather than later.

  2. Hellooooooooooooo!!!!
    We missed our goodbyes :(………… Hope you and Daize are doing ok??
    WE have had Trevs sister and her hubby here for a week and it was fab!! OMdayzzz… the consumption of wine…….what a week!!!. ( I am booked into Re-hab!!! ) They are going to come back in October for a month!!
    You will meet them both at our Wedding,
    I will keep my eye on your blog,,,,, so keep up the good work

    1. Yeah, so sorry about that, had to rush off early to collect the awning … Glad you had a good time with Trev’s sister. All well in Tarifa (apart from the very high winds). My friends arrived yesterday – I may well need re-hab too if last night is anything to go by!! xxx

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