Earlier in the week I had a summons, no, not a court summons, a summons to CamperServ; so following a final drink with the neighbours last night, we were up and away at the crack of dawn, leaving Portugal a day early, and on the way to Spain R0X1 was reunited with her awning.

Tommy, whose real name is Jeffrey, (it just doesn’t have the same ring as “Rock on, Tommy”) had done a great job. He told me he gets at least half a dozen cases of severe awning injuries per year, one guy managed to knock his awning off completely and it exploded on hitting the ground, another managed to bend one of the heavy duty extending arms in his awning crunch, both obviously had to fork out the full €705 for a new awning.

My little awning contretemps was one of the least severe cases which meant he was able to use bits of otherwise moribund awnings and all he had to provide new were the end cover and the tube bush roller (which got lost when the end came off). The top cover which was a little bent and scarred was replaced with a preloved cover. What this meant for me is that instead of that nasty €705 + tax + fitting I paid €124 all inclusive – now that is the kind of result I like.

Rock on Tommy!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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