A moveable feast

Well that worked really well …

We congregated at Ann and Bob’s, The Van, as agreed at 3pm, had bijou aperitifs and eventually moved on to our starter, beautifully prepared by Bob, of a medley of melon, ham, goat’s cheese, tomato and grapes with a vinaigrette dressing.

At about 5pm we all decided we now had room for the next course and moved upslope to R0X1 and a main course of chilli con carne with rice, tortilla chips, grated cheese, salsa and mascarpone. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find any guacamole in the shops round here.)

I think it was around 8.30 when we moved upslope again to Tina and Dave’s, Vera, where Tina had made splendid individual desserts with a biscuit base, custard, raspberries, garnished with cream, raspberry and almonds, followed somewhat later by cheese and biscuits.

All courses were, as you would expect, accompanied by a few drops of liquid to ensure nothing got stuck in our throats and a few drops more between courses as our throats were drying somewhat due to all the chat and laughter.

The meal came to an end between 10 and 10.30pm when Ann, Bob and I discovered how intelligent we all had been in deciding the order of vans for each course – we had an easy downward slope (to roll) home!

All restaurants shut the morning after

🙂 🙂 🙂

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