Windmills of my mind

I had to have a photograph of a traditional Portuguese windmill and as one of the main reasons for my travels is to get these “must have” images I was prepared to go wherever it took … that is, almost back to Spain!

I know a lot of the photos I take have been taken by thousands of others and a lot of those images will be much better than any I can take but I want my photos. I don’t want to take images to say “look where I’ve been”, I just want to take images that please me.

So for the last day in the hire car I went on a windmill hunt. Without sat nav as there were no co-ordinates on the web site, just directions that said it is 600m off the N270, 4k outside of São Brás de Alportel. 4k in which direction was not specified so it didn’t really matter that which side of the road had not been specified either! Following the Philip’s road atlas I travelled 65k along the N125 before turning left at Bouliqueime onto the N270 towards Loulé. After several kilometres twisting on the mountain road I decided that the sun really was in the wrong general place for me to be travelling towards Loulé. I did the necessary and back tracked. (Had I been using the road map of Portugal which I’d dismissed in favour of the larger scale atlas I wouldn’t have turned left at the point that I did, even though there was a sign for Loulé, as I would have seen that I needed to turn left at a roundabout a bit further along which was marked on the map but not in the atlas.) However what’s a few kilometres between maps/atlases?

I eventually arrived in Loulé, was definitely on the N270 and continued 25k towards São Brás. The Moinho de Vento do Bengado was 4k east of São Brás on the right hand side when arriving from the west. Seen clearly from the main road on approach, once you have turned right and then left via the signed track it cannot be seen at all! It really was as well I hadn’t attempted to find it in R0X1; it being a case of parking the car tucked well in on a small open patch at the side of the single track “road” and playing hunt the windmill on foot. (Daize enjoyed clambering over scrub and boulders and had no problems battling with prickly bushes!) And then finally I had the windmill in the viewfinder …

Moinho de Vento do Bengado

I won’t bore you further with the details of the journey back. Suffice to say going west the N270 directions were not signed as well as going east and I saw rather more of São Brás’s one way system than may have been strictly necessary … several times. However what’s a few housing estates  between roadsigns?

🙂 🙂 🙂

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