A new tattoo?

There seems to be something about travellers – not holidayers – travellers, explorers, adventurers that makes them/us, in the main, very open and friendly. Unlike when we are living in our own countries we appear to be able to recognise and quickly engage with one another, part of an international tribe, keen to swop experiences; even our horror stories! I meet many fellow adventurers, scarcely a day goes by without at least one such meeting. In the last three days I’ve chatted to an American couple in Lagos (Portugal not Nigeria and pronounced Lah-goos) and a Canadian on Luz beach, all doing some long term travelling. It’s not so strange I suppose that the same curiosity which sets us all on our journeying extends to curiosity about each other but I can’t work out how we recognise one another, after all none that I’ve met so far have had “nomad” tattooed on their forehead. For all of us tho’ the journey is the thing. Not all of those on campsites are journeying and some serious travellers I’ve talked to are staying in hotels, using cars or trains to get around. Someone I was chatting with today told me about an 84yr old lady still journeying in her motorhome … once an adventurer, always an adventurer? For my own sake, I do hope so.

Spring has arrived in the Algarve

🙂 🙂 🙂

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