The End of the World (and back)

It is possible for even a professional tourist to get into a bit of a routine. Mine is; arrive at a campsite and first afternoon settle in; next day out walking with Daisy. Dependant on how much there is to see locally repeat the walking with Daisy until feet get itchy, leave campsite. I know what you’re thinking – bit same-y isn’t it? But unless you can get on a decent site with plenty of things to see within walking distance …

First I found a really good and fairly reasonable campsite just outside Lagos (Portugal not Nigeria) and then I had another Michael Caine moment. This great idea has resulted in me hiring a car for a week. Daisy will still get her walks but we can go further afield and up into the mountains (where no motorhome has gone before …).

Today’s excursion took me 25kms west. Being the extreme south-west tip of Europe, for hundreds of years Cabo de São Vicente was thought to be the End of the World and was our first stop. The lighthouse there, now we know it’s not the end of the world, is said to be the most powerful in Europe with a range of 95kms. We then had a windy walk round the promontory at Sagres. The limestone cliffs stick out into the Atlantic like a 500m long finger. Landside are some of the ruins of a 15th century building said to have been used by Prince Henry (the Navigator) as a shipyard and navigation school, these ruins were mainly covered by the building of a modern (17th century) fort. Beyond the fort although the land is now an important bird reserve I saw nothing but gulls as the day was so blustery with frequent squalls coming in off the sea – very invigorating tho’.

Tomorrow I have to find a book shop – I have need of a Portuguese phrasebook!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “The End of the World (and back)

  1. from where you are it isn’t to far to Moncarapacho – small very Portuguese village type place with the most wonderful pottery shop (they make everything there) I could have filled a 40 ‘ft truck. There is a lovely CL type campsite just 15 mins walk out of the village too. xx

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