Nation Five.

So on a misty, grey, drizzly, yucky cold day reminiscent of England, the border into Portugal was crossed and we are back in Proper Time – Greenwich Mean Time that is. It sounds silly but I wanted to make sure that I got to Portugal for New Year’s Eve just so that I’ll be sharing GMT with my nearest and dearest for the midnight hour – got to start 2016 with them even if I’m not with them …

I’ve reached the fifth nation of what I’ve dubbed my “Five Nations Tour 2015/16” – sort of like the Six Nations with one nation less and no rugby. (If you’re not English, French, Irish, Italian, Scots or Welsh and need an explanation just ask.) Unfortunately on this trip I’ve only visited three of the nations that take part in the Six Nations, England, Wales and France – maybe I can include Scotland as I’m visiting there at the end of April. Hmmm – p’raps I need to change the title of my tour …

Can’t remember if I previously expressed my disgust that my fridge is plastic and doesn’t attract magnets. “Fellas,” as Michael Caine’s script said, “I’ve got a great idea” – strip the magnets off the back and then attach the tiles previously known as fridge magnets to cupboard doors with blue tack. The first two from Sevilla are up. The original great idea, to put the magnets on the sides of the upper bunk, failed when I discovered that although metal coloured the bedsides are plastic too. In a phone call I stupidly told K of my desire to be reunited with all my fridge magnets which have remained on her fridge, previously known as mine; I think that, along with my Santas, she has permanent designs on them. Just think tho’ K, the fridge is very crowded with both yours and mine – you’ll have room for more new ones of your own!

Tavira,  first stop in Portugal

Thank you all for your support and comments during 2015. I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nation Five.

  1. Genius fridge magnet idea !:) Happy New Year to you, love Portugal so looking forward to reading your Blogs and seeing the photos xx

    1. Happy New Year to you two too! Hope you’re both well. Absolutely love Portugal so far even with the lousy weather. Just arrived near Lagos, about to explore the south west corner … xxx

  2. Magg and Daisy, We also wish you both a very Happy New Year , a good health, a lot of fun….and a lot of beautiful trips ! xxx

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