(Non) White Christmas

Christmas in Mojacar Playa, 4 nights in a 4* hotel, balcony with sea view … (Daisy in the van in the car park) …Mis Amigos are world champion hosts, their friends welcoming and convivial. I had far too much food and even more drink but happily my newly altered (smaller) skirts still do up. I shall continue to reduce the calorie count tho’ and the alcohol intake until I feel less bloated …

Disappointingly it wasn’t a white Christmas but Boxing day lunch in a superb beachside restaurant in warm sunshine made up for the lack of snow!! It’s a hard life but someone has to help keep the Spanish economy going …

Cabo de Gata, near Almeria, is the first stop on the way to Portugal. Hoping to get to Seville tomorrow, 5 hour drive – couple of nights there and then over the border. Approaching Almeria was quite amazing, coming along a valley about 10 miles long and a couple wide and apart from the motorway the valley floor was completely covered in plastic; literally, to the hills on either side, huge polytunnels hundreds of yards long and even huger polytents. Nothing like making the desert productive! Pleasant, clean and tidy site, polytents on one side and desert and lagoon on the other … and I have taken a half decent photo of a flamingo!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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