Deja vu?

… but then I really have been here before! I’m back at Tarifa. The main reason being that it is pretty much always breezy here, I had loads of washing to do and the washing machines are also 40% less expensive than at the previous site. It was lovely to get a huge Hola hug from Pepe and then, by chance, to park up next to a Scottish couple I met briefly in Puerto de Santa Maria. (BB; it became a small world when we were exchanging details, as you do, and they announced they knew Reading a bit as their son was in the REME, apprenticeship at Aborfield!!) The other main reason for being here is that the wifi is free and reliable and I have to have a very important FaceTime conversation with the Smart One. Inexplicably he has his 11th birthday today – yes, yes, I know all about the birds, bees and humans but what I don’t know is how time, which seemed to go so slowly when I was his age, can accelerate so …

Tomorrow I’m up to Ronda. I saw something I wanted in a shop there but thought I’d see it somewhere else and didn’t bother to buy it at the time – haven’t seen it anywhere else … typical. And of course it’s such a hardship to drive that scenic route. Maybe Gibraltar will show it’s face to the lens as I pass by  this time.

Then off to Lorca for Xmas (and hopefully the new kitchen window) via a campsite I need to check out for when The BezzIes arrive.

Tarifa  (Africa in the background only 9 miles away)

🙂 🙂 🙂

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