Bank Holidays

There are 12 national public holidays in Spain each year, of which 4 have occurred since I’ve been here, and then several more regional ones. The Spanish seem to do at least one of the following on a bank holiday weekend;

1) get together with the whole family which frequently involves numbers well above a dozen

2) camp

and a large number do both (at the same time).

Here, on what was a double bank holiday weekend i.e. Monday and Tuesday, the site filled rapidly from Friday afternoon onwards. It was great to see several sets of several units each containing family members parking up, one family even took an extra pitch just to house the large number of tables and chairs necessary for their meals together. The Spanish are not a quiet people, they talk very loudly and the noise increases proportionately to the number of people gathered simply because they all talk over the top of one another! But they sure do know how to enjoy themselves, (kids run riot and get put to bed when they finally fall asleep somewhere) and everyone – well everyone female that is – seems to contribute something to the feast. El vino flows with greater gusto than any river around here! And the laughter …

Those families not camping descended on local bars and restaurants, the clamour in the centre of town was intense. It certainly seemed a lot less inhibited than the rather sedate British version of a family gathering.

All that family happiness around me prompted me to book the ferry home – I’m not homesick, but I am missing family and friends hugely. It seems that 12 weeks is about the maximum time that I shall want to be away in future – a bit different on this trip as I’m spending Christmas with Mis Amigos in Lorca and then time in Feb. with The Bezzies. I’ve booked the Dieppe/Newhaven route, although at 4 hours it’s a longer sail than Calais, you can get a staff member to accompany you to the car deck to check on the beloved pet. It’s under half the price of the tunnel, saves a bit of fuel money and doesn’t involve going anywhere near Calais which for me has become an absolute no-go area. I seriously considered the Santander/Plymouth route but it’s majorly expensive, even factoring in the fuel/camping savings, and after reading some of the reviews about the state the dog loos get into, decided against.

I shall be “kissing the tarmac” about 9pm on the 24th March, just in time for the Easter bank holiday.

Family – I want a Spanish style get together, but we don’t have to camp! And CHOCOLATE CAKE!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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