Full blown Tourista

(Absolutely no idea if there’s such a word as tourista in Spanish, if there isn’t, there should be!)

After the disappointment of no Lumix moment from Gibraltar I took the long way round to Cadiz hoping for some nice mountain walking en route. And hope was all I did … campsite wasn’t just quiet it was moribund, and the walks – well I can walk the roads anywhere. The guy on reception appeared like the shopkeeper from a Stephen King version of Bod; out of nowhere, as if by magic, and was not seen again until departure. Neither was anyone else … we beat a hasty retreat the next morning, nice sunset tho’.

Sky ripples
Sky ripples

Swiss vet and his wife (Daize and I agree she’s a lucky girl) recommended a site in Puerto de Santa Maria and they were right to do so. Today I did the full Monty tourist bit, cycled (10 mins) to the ferry and made the 30min trip across the bay on the catamaran to Cadiz; actually paid to go into the cathedral (OKish, but no stained glass) and the Tavira tower, one of the old watch towers, fabulous 360 view of the city from the top (45m above sea level), which houses a camera obscura (brilliant); had lunch out with wine (bit pricey but it’s a tourist city). Loads of Lumix moments … and an ecstatic welcome home from Herself (who was so excited she forgot to sulk about having been left for a few hours).

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Full blown Tourista

  1. Gosh Maggs you certainly are packing in a lot and it must be mind blowing at times. I still admire your courage – especially considering your age !!!! (I can say this at the moment)
    Lots of love

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