The Macarena.

I’m no princess to be disturbed by a pea but the lumps in my mattress topper had become unsleepable-on, I have a mattress topper because the mattress goes straight onto board and is as stiff as a….. Mis Amigos took me to the Yorkshire Linen shop in Aguila, aptly named as it’s run by a couple of Yorkshire women who seem to do a good trade with all the expats in the vicinity. I shall know in the morning if the new mattress topper is up to the job of allowing a wannabe princess to sleep!

As you may have worked out from the above, I’m nomadic again. I shall be doing a circular tour before returning to Lorca (that’s if mis amigos don’t move without a forwarding address!) for Christmas and to have the on-order window fitted. The drive to just outside Granada was very scenic; from quite a way out the Sierra Nevada was visible and it looked as if there was a smattering of snow on the peaks. I had my doubts, as all I could see was the sun reflecting on the peaks and I’ve got used to reflecting sun meaning the black plastic through which all the vegetables are planted around Lorca. I thought it must’ve been awfully hard work for someone to carry that amount of plastic up to 3392 m and 3479m which are the two highest peaks, and what would grow at that height? My snowy suspicions were confirmed by the receptionist at the campsite who gleefully told me that snow is expected again in the next couple of days – but only on the peaks she hurriedly added.


I am however somewhat grumpy (who said “what’s new?”) . On the approach to Granada one of the turn offs on the motorway indicated a turning to Maracena; my brain interpreted it as that awful song, the Macarena, which popped straight into my head and I’ve a feeling it’ll be a while before it leaves – meh!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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