Well oiled …

My Reader may remember I helped “mis amigos” harvest their olives. It’s a really relaxing job to do in warm sunshine, quiet (except for Daisy teasing next door’s dogs – see below) and not terribly arduous (except for John who was hard-pruning as well as picking).

John and I took the olives to Toranto and the pressing/bottling factory Villa Olivo, where they were weighed and then went into the hopper to have the bits shaken out of them, up the travelator to drop down into the crusher. Then on through the filters to emerge and return to us as 7 litres of bottled Extra Virgin.

There are no Safety Elves in Spain (Yay!), at least not in this little family-run country business, and I was invited to wander round as I pleased to see the whole process. The Señor in charge of the huge and noisy crusher indicated for me to come right in and took me through so I could take a photo of the filtered oil emerging. As I was crossing the oily floor I remembered my mountain skidding win in Corfu and trod rather carefully! The whole place was redolent with the aroma of the oil – wonderful. Fantastic to have seen and been involved in the whole process.

The oil process

A neighbour here, I hesitate to call them next door neighbours as the plots here are so big, has 4 rescue dogs sized from XS to XXXL. Daize, the little Madam, rarely barks back at them when they line the fence barking at her, she sits looking at them demurely for a while and then takes off running up and down the fenceline like a greyhound, with them safely on the other side frenziedly chasing her and exercising their vocal chords; at which point she finally joins in the general cacophony! Did I say peace and tranquillity here?

🙂 🙂 🙂

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