On holiday

Strange that where others leave their houses to go on holiday in a caravan or motorhome, I leave my motorhome to holiday in a house! R0X1 is currently abandoned outside Rosemary and John’s villa in the middle of farmland near Lorca whilst Daisy and I live in luxury!

The region of Murcia provides much of Spain’s vegetables and salad stuffs and exports to the UK as well, and R&J’s villa is surrounded by fields of lettuces, broccoli, and artichokes at present. Most is hand planted and hand picked by immigrant labour. I’ve been puzzled by the lack of visible farm animals but apparently most animals are kept indoors as the heat is too intense for them to be outdoors (and anyway there’s no grass to graze), consequently the majority of animals kept are smaller and pork, lamb and chicken are the main meats available. Mind you with the variety and quantity of fresh fish available, Spaniards don’t eat as much meat as Brits. Judging by the quality and taste of the fish I’ve eaten here I’m entirely unsurprised. I’ve already eaten quite a lot of fish I’ve not sampled before and found it delicious.

R & J have olive, orange, lemon, grapefruit and almond trees and later today I shall be helping with the olive picking and then we’ll take them to the olive press and return with the olive oil that makes them self sufficient and depending on the harvest able to give some to friends and family. Oranges and grapefruit they squeeze themselves and freeze the juice, absolutely superb! Lemons go where they should – in gin and tonic!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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