If at first …

The exit from Camping Marjal (Costa Blanca) was without regret, it wasn’t really my scene. Great for long term or over-wintering couples, and at the very least it needs a bike to get round as it hasn’t even got any decent off road walks nearby. With Vall de Laguar (Campell) a very fond memory in mind, I headed inland for two possibilities from the ACSI book.

Possibility One; wasn’t looking too hopeful on the approach but then the V de L didn’t look as if it would be anything halfway decent at 8K out, so I stuck with it despite the area bearing a distinct resemblance to 360of yellow slag heaps, never mind the resemblance bit, it was 360 of yellow slag heaps. Unlike V de L nothing improved and the actual campsite was dire (and in the middle of a yellow slag heap). I parked up at my pitch, remained in my seat, and had a think. The end of October is a bad time for me and I was uncertain if it was just a case of nothing and nowhere would be right for the next few days; however I went with my gut instinct, handed back my loo key, said my Adios’s and got the hell out of there.

Possibility Two; and as R0X1 climbed and twisted on the best and longest green squiggly line yet my mood started to lift. As I entered the small site it felt like I was arriving at a close relation of V de L, 900m up, surrounded by peaks of 1500m with a sleepy little village an even shorter walk from the entrance. Angela, Ivan’s female equivalent, just as friendly and helpful, loaded me up with dog walking maps and told me to pick any empty pitch I fancied, and so two happy puppies are hooked up with a great view from the windscreen and set for the next week.

Next stop Lorca!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “If at first …

  1. It should be also perfect for me and my mom and dad too ! perhaps next year ! 😀

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