You know the routine …

I’d had a plan and as usual when I make a plan – well you know the routine by now.

Blogging friends, Peter and Nia (Travels with Mavis), had published a beautiful photo of flamingos taken at a wetland nature reserve near where they were staying and my flamingo photos from the Carmargue last year left a fair bit to be desired; with time to spare after the Calpe/Benidorm near disaster I looked up the site in the ACSI book and gave it a resounding “Forget it”. It’s HUGE, 35 hectares and 1432 pitches, organised stuff, very Hi-Di-Hi and definitely not me; but then I started prevaricating. Those of you who know me are aware that this is an almost terminal (and annoying to others) state I sometimes get into, I become paralysed by indecision and will sit on the fence until it rots and I fall off on one side or the other. This time I’m proud to say I very quickly decided; go for one night, make a quick trip to the nature reserve, get the flamingo photo on the card and head on out – fast. Well you know the routine by now … I’m on night two already; colour me stunned but it’s not bad here at all! Out in the middle of nowhere, and a very flat nowhere, so the views of the mountains are good and apart from the dull rush of traffic from the A7 it’s very quiet with plenty of Daisy space. It helps that being low season a large proportion of the 1432 pitches are devoid of occupiers.

I was certain I was going to like Peter and Nia – people who nickname their dogs “The Krays” are bound to be OK in my book and so, of course, they turned out to be. During the getting to know you chat Peter and I discovered that many moons ago we worked at the same hospital at the same time and in the course of our duties it’s 99% certain we’d have met. [Insert cliché here]

Great convivial evening with a super couple; generous, kind and fun – or could that’ve been the alcohol …? (One black mark against them – they’ve got large garage doors!) The Krays are lovely …

I’ve been to the nature reserve, it’s much cleaner than the one at L’Ampolla with no litter at all, and the mozzies noticeable by their lack, but decent photos of flamingos elude me, obviously not my forté – got a nice one of an egret that obviously has similar issues to me; sitting on the fence! I’ll go back in a couple of days for another try for a flamingo great.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “You know the routine …

  1. And so it was a good decision!! Congratulations! Sometimes if you do not expect a lot … Great pictures too but waiting for thé flamingo one ;-))

  2. Thanks for nice comments and sorry about oversize garage doors….We will probably pull the Krays to Dolores tomorrow….Ronnie wants an outing and I need to buy an el cheapo watch. We went to the nature reserve this evening but were beaten off by mossies before we got to the flamingoes.
    P & N xx

    1. Was great to meet you and will be good to be able to put a face to the words when reading your blog in future. See you sometime on a site somewhere … M xx

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