Garage door envy.

I finally got round to dragging myself away from Campell today having extended my stay twice. It has to have been one of my favourite sites, and if I come this way again I’ll certainly revisit. I’d mentioned to a couple of neighbours when I was at L’Ampolla that I was thinking of going to Campell and they heartily recommended it. So as I left in torrential rain this morning I was heading for another of their recommendations – Calpe. Hmm – not at all impressed – maybe I would have been if I hadn’t just come from such a gorgeous, quiet mountain retreat; I took one look at the close packed concrete monoliths and did a u-ee. Having dismissed Calpe I decided I’d give Benidorm an equally wide berth, judging (and rightly from what I saw of it from the motorway) that it too would not be a “me” place. I’m having a quick overnight stop in a cheapie campsite with excellent free wifi and then off to a site near a nature reserve which will hopefully suit better.

On the plus side the drive over the mountains was suitably squiggly and up and downy (and wet) and the weather is forecast to be better starting tomorrow.

I’m suffering badly from a large dose of garage door envy this evening. There’s a brand new Hymer (I can tell it’s brand new, it’s Brit with a 15 plate) parked up here and the garage door made me drool, it’s the same size as the garage. Dammit, could’ve got the scooter in mine easily if my garage door had been the same size as my garage – and then to add insult to injury I noticed that the garage doors on both sides were equally large. Meh – wonder what I could do if I had a can opener … sorry R0X1, love you really.

Some final shots of Campell and surroundings.

With congrats to R, who has had the all clear to drive and jettison the crutches 😊

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Garage door envy.

  1. Sorry we didn’t get to meet up as you wizzed by us between Calpe and Benidorm – not surprised you didn’t like Calpe and you would probably have hated Benidorm. Altea and Guadalest would have suited much better. Hopefully we can meet up some other time. Enjoy your travels and keep blogging. We must put Cambell on our list for when we get a smaller van, it looks fantastic. And don’t envy the Hymer, think of all the places you can take ROX1 that they can’t get to, like up the mountains.

    1. Yes I was sorry about that too – but just couldn’t get away fast enough! Hopefully another time. I’ll bear Altea and Guadalest in mind. I was going to visit the latter but it was raining so heavily that I decided against.
      How big is your van? R0X1’s 23ft and I had no problems getting her up there, wouldn’t want to try anything bigger tho’.

  2. When I read in an earlier post that you would be going to Benidorm I did raise an eyebrow…well both, actually….😳

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