Escape from Mozzcatraz

In all the escape movies the hero never has to actually stop and pay, I had to, but  was pleasantly surprised that the toll was not quite as bad as I’d thought when doing the runner from Mozzcatraz. As is the case in the English Midlands very few folk want to “péage” so the troll road was almost empty, except for the free bit around Valencia, and very free flowing. I didn’t detect any Mozz pursuit. The bid for freedom from persecution and torture bites was smooth and very successful and the condemned are now hiding out somewhere in the Spanish hinterland well disguised as heavy low lying cloud.

I was overcome with disappointment on the approach to this site, still very urbanised with the sat nag saying only 5K to go, but then all of a sudden we went *up – and round – and round and up* (repeat from * to * several times for 3km) and left it all behind. The quiet here is intense.

Today I dragged the mutt 8K along and a further 300m up, campsite is at 595m, there was nothing much to see so I ended up having a consolation beer at a local hostelry …

Nothing much to see here …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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