Feeding frenzies.

The last several days I’ve been at L’Ampolla right next door to the delta of the river Ebre. The delta is used both as a wetland nature reserve and for rice farming. They’ve got a huge irrigation system and the area produces a lot of risotto and paella!!

I’d chosen one of the pitches where you get 10amp electricity as opposed to 5amp and all us posh people (90% Dutch – is the Netherlands empty?) are camped round the edge of a clearing. There was a spectacular sight the morning after I arrived when a flock of 30 – 40 house martins produced an aerobatic display in the clearing that the Red Arrows would have been jealous of. Flying at between 15 – 20 feet they were breakfasting on small insects, totally ignoring the large (and I mean large, wingspan at least 4 inches) dragonflies breakfasting about 5 feet below them. I watched transfixed as the feeding frenzy went on for a good half hour; Daisy was just happy I was sitting in my new “moon” chair with room for her to curl up next to me!

Apart from the shocking amount of rubbish on the beach and dunes of the reserve, appalling in what is supposed to be a wildlife haven, the town is clean and pleasant and Daise and I have enjoyed some lovely walks here. But I’ve had enough of me being a feeding frenzy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the very aggressive mozzies so we’re off to the hills on Tuesday – tomorrow is a Spanish bank holiday, (the number of Spanish families onsite over the weekend has almost outnumbered the Dutch!) and the traffic will be as bad as at home I’m reliably informed. The same source has informed me also that once I get down to the Costa Blanca there will be no more mozzies …

🙂 🙂 🙂

14 thoughts on “Feeding frenzies.

  1. Where are you going on the Costa Blanca? We are currently in Benicarlo (Costa del Azahar) and then moving onto Albir (Altea), Cap Blanch, about 4 miles north of Benidorm for Wed/Thur. Would love to put a real person to the blogs and of course to meet Daisy. And yes, the Dutch all go south for the winter. They say about 10% of them. Cap Blanch is around 70% Dutch and we call a group of them “A Prissy”, but they are very nice individually.

  2. L’Ampolla is only about 40 miles north of Benicarlo, campsite Camping Allegria if you are interested. It would be a shame to be so close and not meet.

      1. We’ll be here at Benicarlo until Wednesday or possibly Thursday if there is any reason to stay put, then to Cap Blanch (Altea/Albir, near Benidorm) and will stay there for up to 6 months. We will definitely be at Cap Blanch from Friday to be there for the Rugby quarter finals on Saturday.

        1. If you’re staying at Benidorm I’ll see you there. I’m planning to pop into the hills for a few days before it gets too cold and then going to B’dorm. Is the site you’re going to in the ACSI book? A glass or a bottle sounds good to me!!

  3. Hi Maggs. time to say my farewells, i’ve enjoyed your pics etc ,and teaching you some northern customs hopefully, carry on touring

  4. Think next year we should all head for the Netherlands – its must be empty! We have yet to stay on a site that not 70% Dutch anywhere we have been except Holland – where we saw very few 🙂

  5. We can report from Costa Blanca…inland a bit at Camping Marjal…that it is pretty much mossy free. And hot today…in the low thirties….Colin just slept all day. Mind you he would do that in any temperature.

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