Infinite absurdity.

I’m into thoughts of infinity at the moment. I recently both saw a documentary programme about the probability of infinite numbers of universes and read a novel by Dean Koontz about people who could move between infinite universes. I like the concept because it means that somewhere there is a me who still has Keith; I don’t think too much about the universe where I’m still married to the first Mr M! There is a universe where I had the courage to become an actor, and maybe I’m giving my famous lookalike a run for her money. (There are those who think I look like Judi Dench – a younger version of her to be sure – I hope I beat her at the auditions for M!!) There are also universes in which I was never born or have already died – that doesn’t bother me as there also have to be universes where I’ve won the Euromillions, or a couple of Oscars!

All these thoughts coalesced this morning when I contemplated yet another shower/cubicle arrangement and it occurred to me that, on my travels, I haven’t yet been in the same combination once. Are there infinite numbers of shower/cubicle arrangements? Are there infinite combinations of shower and cubicle in infinite universes? Should I start documenting and photographing  combinations of size, compartments, seats (or not), doors, curtains, screens, heads, taps, tiles, drains, floors … ad infinitum.

It would seem, in this universe at least, I have watched infinitely far too much Dave Gorman.


Irrigation system for rice fields

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Infinite absurdity.

  1. I need a sit down, cup of coffee and a good few minutes to work through that again! See you in a universe somewhere we hope 🙂

  2. Methinks that spanish wine is to strong for thee lass,if you are sat on t’toilet with J Dench?? as a shy ,not very bright man from up t’north I thinki i’l remain in this universe. have a nice day

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