Life on the edge.

Woke this morning to bright warm sunshine after night of heavy rain, left the runway campsite with no destination in mind other than the monastery at Montserrat. Usually I at least have campsite or Aire co-ordinates in the sat nag, it’s sort of an anchor, but not today – I let the adventure take me where it would.

And the first place it would was the road up to the monastery, I’d planned to stop at the 2nd station on the mountain railway up to the monastery where there is free parking, this was not to be; I couldn’t find the second station. So I just headed up the road as signposted. Now this turned out to be the road that put the squee in squiggly … even the hairpins had hairpins, and the views were incredible until I reached the cloud base and the visibility dropped alarmingly. Well eat your heart out Clarkson – when it comes to throwing 3.5 ton of motorhome around bends in almost zero visibility I’m the master, and I was laughing with delight all the way. Stuff free parking, I was so pleased I didn’t find the railway and it was worth every cent of the exorbitant fee to park (motorhomes get charged the same rate as coaches – fair enough, having to park parallel I did take up 5 spaces) for the sheer joy of the drive. The monastery was OK – not too full of grockles until 11a.m as I was coming away. Unfortunately the basilica was closed for services 10.30 – 12.30 so I didn’t get inside – that seems to be a developing pattern  … the drive back down? Colour me cool.

And the adventure eventually brought me to Torredembarra and a quiet and very friendly campsite by the beach. I was booking in for only 2 nights until I was informed of a fiesta in the village on Sunday lunchtime, so 3 nights it is – now that’s what you get for living life on the edge.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Life on the edge.

  1. My god you have more nerve than I ever had or likely to have. I have trouble parking/reversing !!!
    You put me to shame

  2. very enjoyable,the photos and your adventures, keep em coming, you did agree to me coming along as a passenger in spirit form ,but I have to confess to closing my eyes in fear on those bends,Iv’e never seen a campervan on 2 wheels round a bend. Ha Ha

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