Self (un)restraint.

I was most disappointed during our afternoon walk around town yesterday, after a cuppa and summer berries gateaux in which I was definitely not disappointed, to discover that there had been a concert in the town on the evening of my birthday and some pianist of note had been playing, amongst other things, Rachmaninov. I didn’t read the notice too closely in case it was Rach 2, in which case I would have had a hissy fit of disappointment. As a consolation prize I got some good shots of the sea which was somewhat choppy after the overnight storms, but I was still p’d off enough to leave this morning … (well actually I left according to plan, but saying that doesn’t have quite the same effect!)

Managed to do a bit of squiggling on the drive south, it wasn’t terribly exciting, the tunnels and traffic in  Barcelona, a previously unplanned destination, were hairier. The weather remained a tad inclement, and there was zero chance of any decent views, let alone of the monastery at Montserrat so I decided to divert slightly to a campsite just south of Barca for a couple of days until the weather clears enough to go to the monastery. Whilst here the bus journey into the city centre being both cheap and quick, I’m hoping to get into the Sagrida Familia. R and I decided when we were here a couple of years ago that the length of the queue to go inside (at least twice round it) meant we would miss our flight home the next day so we didn’t bother joining! That was a weekend and I’m hoping that midweek queues are not as long or poor Daisy might get a bit hungry.

Talking of hunger, I shopped at Aldi as I was leaving d’Aro, and rather unfortunately came across some tins of all butter Danish biscuits. I might have managed to leave them shelf bound but the tin had a pattern on it that fits right in with my decor, and I am short of storage tins … won’t be for long, inroads have been made into the contents. But I was very good, I only bought one tin. (But then there are loads of Aldi’s around!!)

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Self (un)restraint.

  1. We bought some a few weeks ago i Czech, never saw a tin in Denmark strangely enough! Isn’t it annoying when you find something was on you missed, happens all the time with us too. x

    1. There’s some good stuff on in Barca during October but I don’t think I can put up with the airport that long! Didn’t say anything about the proximity of the runway in the ACSI book …

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