Return of the bus …

Blogs appear to have a lot in common with buses – you don’t write one for ages and then you write two at the same (well almost) time.

And remaining on the subject of buses I took the L94 into Barcelona as planned (sometimes you do as you planned, sometimes you don’t). I shall know next time to book a ticket in advance for Sag. Fam. The queue was nowhere near as bad but the next ticket available would’ve meant leaving the Fluffy One for too long, but one day I shall get those internal photos. In the meantime I could see where progress has been made since I last saw it. It was lovely to visit the city again, I feel the same about Barca as I do about Amsterdam – you can never visit too often! I shan’t return to this campsite tho’, it’s so close to the airport you can read the ID on the sides of the planes as they take off and land!

Sorry I’ve digressed from buses … I found the stop and boarded the L94 for the journey back (€4.30 return for a 40 minute each way trip- now that’s value). Halfway back the bus had to stop and radio in for an ambulance for a passenger who’d been taken ill – just when you thought it was safe to expect an uneventful bus journey …

One of the planes and Barcelona Market Hall

🙂 🙂 🙂

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