Route 66

Yesterday was the hottest of the year so far for me and after a week of warm dry weather my hands are much improved. My finger and wrist joints hardly clicking, less achey and much more flexible. The knitting is coming on a treat (more of that another time); it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like at the end of a day’s driving. Daisy is loving the warm weather too, doesn’t seem to be overheating at all and enjoying several dust baths a day …

Along the prom here at Argelés there’s a wonderful free photography exhibition. One set of images of nature in the Taiga in Finland from a Frenchman and the other by a French-Canadian of wolves. Some stunning stuff; I’ve been to visit virtually everyday. Wish we did more outdoor art at home – I know the weather’s not as kind but I’m sure there are suitable weather-proof finishes and, as I know for a fact, it rains in France too! Barcelona leads the way with outdoor culture but it seems to be flourishing in France too.

Last night together with 4 lovely new campals I went out for a meal to celebrate my birthday a day early as the site we’re on closes today and we all go our separate ways.The other 4 back home and me over the border into Spain. Thanks for a great evening chap and chapesses.

Hoping to be able to stay somewhere quite high up so that I can get a good shot of tonight’s super-moon eclipse.

A bientôt la France!

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Route 66

  1. Happy Birthday, Hope you get some pics of the red moon to show us. keep an eye on Daisy a full moon may change her into a w/wolf might be better keeping her inside Ha Ha

  2. Bon anniversaire, agree about the art work would be lovely to see more of that type of thing at home.

  3. Think eclipse may be tomorrow (Sunday) night, at silly o’clock, (about 4.30 am on Monday 28th morning maximum hiddenness here in the Médoc). Tho’ I may be wrong. I usually am.
    Have fun in Spain.

  4. Welcome to Spain! We were looking at the moon on Saturday evening, so bright. Disappeared by 6am The eclipse is tonight. Julia and Phil left Spain yesterday evening, just missed seeing the eclipse by plane, lol. We had a super week with them. Come to us any time! Andrew is coming for a few days in November, dates not booked yet.
    Have fun, Rosemary.

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