Forget bucolic fantasies

of grape harvesting. It’s not peasants with shears delicately placing the bunches into baskets – it’s these big beasties …

Soon to be wine ..

I’ve spent a couple of days on an ACSI site completely surrounded by vineyards – currently they are harvesting the white grapes and then they’ll move on to the reds.

I used to be indecisive and now I just can’t make up my mind where to cross over into Spain and where in Spain to head. Talk about vacillating as fast as I make a decision I start thinking but I could do this, or this … Pau is out, not enough campsites on the Spanish side, I’m now contemplating going via Biarritz and then on to Los Picos national park to see if I can see me a bear or I could go left and over to Perpignan and then on to Barcelona …

Going to seed

Choices, choices …


4 thoughts on “Forget bucolic fantasies

  1. I don’t believe it, I am sticking with old peasant treading grapes whilst they sup on la glass of last years vintage with a bowl of olives for sustenance.

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