No sooner …

had I got warm and dry than the terrible twins Wet and Cold arrived to be joined today by their sibling Very. I’m sure this Côte du Jade is lovely but it’s too reminiscent of the weather in Wales to be enjoyable, add in that it’s quite built up, every other vehicle is a motorhome and it’s busy and you can probably guess what’s coming next – COP – change of plan! Stuff the coast, I’m heading inland a bit and now have an almost, probably, maybe, nearly set in stone agenda to cross into Spain either from Pau or Foix.

I was disappointed that the motorhome parking in Angers was undergoing surgery (R has also undergone surgery and is already back home!) and as I planned to spend only the afternoon looking at a famous tapestry in the cathedral there and didn’t want to park on the outskirts necessitating an overnight stay, I continued on to Nantes. Stopped at a campsite there and regretted it, can’t for the life of me work out what came over me, I know I don’t like cities for more than a few hours. Daisy seemed to share that opinion, a village dog at heart she was unimpressed by the very full and very noisy at times campsite, by which I mean she was stressed and jumpy (and barked a lot).

St Nazaire was where we hit the coast and I took great delight in crossing the bridge over the Loire, and, as I arrived from the south, that meant going over and coming back again and both crossings were well worth it! It’s a beautiful bridge and the views both on it and of it are stunning.

The Serpent d’Océan was created by Huang Yong Ping and appears to come ashore in in the estuary of the R Loire on the St Brévin-les-Pins (south) side. The PF overnight stop was a vegetable farm so once again I did a small shop at ridiculously low prices.

Daisy seems to be maturing a little and recall on the lead has much improved, so on the beach at Olonne-sur-Mer this afternoon (well what else do you do with a wet afternoon?) I took the risk and let her off, she gambolled about but mostly stayed fairly close and recall was impeccable, even though there were distractions, and there was no attempt to play the “you’ve got to catch me Mummy” game – bless her, she’s learning.

The above was posted 2 days ago but I’ve just come onto the internet to discover that something went wrong and it didn’t … so read on for the very latest …

La Rochelle was as S told me a lovely place, I only bothered with the old port. The Aire was “interesting” – the back end of a park and ride car park next to the station (and the announcer). The €12 charge did include free bus into the centre and free emptying of loo – but despite the daylight robbery I’m glad I went.

Tonight, deep into wine country just north of Bordeaux and €14 has got me a lovely spot in a campsite surrounded by vines as far as the eye can see, shower and toilet, electricity and wifi all included. Will probably spend 2 nights here and unwind a bit.

Still raining …

🙂 🙂 🙂

15 thoughts on “No sooner …

  1. We are hot on your heels….Le Mans today, Montreuil Bellay tomorrow, La Rochelle whatever the following day is. Your troublesome twins are due to disappear from the S of France by the weekend….according to my weather app…which is occasionally right….

    1. You’ll probably overtake me as I’m just bimbling! Looking forward to the weekend … everyone’s weather app is saying the same, it’s the sole topic of conversation amongst all nationalities!

    1. Daisy took the one as we crossed over St Nazaire bridge 😉, I’ll tell her you liked it! Weather’s supposed to improve at the weekend, I had to put my wellies on yesterday …

  2. Beautiful scenery. That bridge looks similar to America’s “Sunshine Bridge” between Tampa and St. Petersburg in Florida. It’s amazing how much I’m beginning to dislike the city life. I’ve become rather accustomed to quiet. Thus, I can relate!

    1. I spent my early years in small villages, then smallish towns, and latterly village again; cities are for a quick dash in shop, culture (and of course in London’s case the Emirates stadium) and then get out again quick!

  3. Glad you’re having a great time, even though the elements have been against you. When are you planning to get into Spain? Perhaps the weather will be better there.

  4. You are bringing back so many great memories of a bicycle trip I took through that area many, many years ago. Sigh….

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