Welcome to our workplace 😃

Why is it that the best photo ops always come when I’m driving and can’t stop? (That is a rhetorical question, please don’t fill my mailbox with answers, appropriate or otherwise.)

Yesterday, this is mostly about driving since that is what I’ve been doing mostly for the past 36 hrs, R0X1 clocked 10,000 miles; in the past 14 months that is, not even my notoriously heavy right foot could achieve that in 36 hrs and my bank account wouldn’t have managed the fuel bill even at French prices. Currently at a PF stop 40kms south of Le Mans. I didn’t do the circuit at Le Mans in R0X1, Jeremy and Co. did something similar in a caravan so it’s a bit passé. I was, however, delighted to judge the French entry for the Eurovision white line painting contest; Wales keeps the top spot, France gets only 2 points, for content – only two vehicles, orange lighting insignificant, no jumping out to kick nozzles so the points are for actually painting the white lines and “nil points” for presentation. (Photo op 2 missed)

Tuesday’s crossing (What do you call it when you use the tunnel? Tunnelling is when you actually dig it and crossing is when you go over something – subchanneling? shuttling?) was uneventful. The English leg did leave me perplexed and somewhat concerned about the mindset of certain of my fellow countrypersons. Who on earth thought it would be a smart idea for motorists, having had to slow to a crawl, to see a sign saying “welcome to our workplace” with photos of smiling workpersons, on entering the roadworks on the M3 and more photos of presumably workpersons’ families smiling faces on exiting the roadworks at the M3/25 interchange? How much did that lot cost the taxpayer? (Yes, I still pay tax, so I’m allowed to rant.) I suppose it was a Safety Elf; they’re usually behind that sort of nonsense 😡 (Photo op 1 missed) Even after all that I was early at Folkestone and got a train an hour early. Overnighted at a PF site just north of Abbeville which sold all sorts of artisan food and drink. Cracking beer!

Last night’s stop was a farm adjacent to the river Loir. This morning I bought 6 new laid free range (by free range I mean the chickens wander around the farm including up and down the lane) eggs and goats cheese made yesterday for the princely sum of €3.20. The delightful farmer is a lady who looks ancient even to me, incredibly kind and friendly, hopes I will visit again and I certainly shall if I’m in this area.

I’ll be kind and not mention the weather here, I hate it when people boast about the good weather they’re enjoying. I’ll just leave you with today’s photos from my window …

Today Angers and Nantes.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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