Under starters orders

Preparations are almost complete. Daisy needs one more check at the vets tomorrow, I need a small food shop, R0X1 needs fuel and we’re good to go.

The rear ends are as follows; mine; all better (and that’s even after cooking and eating sausages last night!). Daisy; antibiotics, steroids and added fibre. R0X1; gaffer tape.

R, who regular readers may have noticed did not join me as planned on the Wales leg of Eurotour 15/16 is languishing in the geriatric orthopaedic ward, her “bad back” turned out to be a dislocated replacement hip, awaiting surgery. It’s a shame I’m going to miss the opportunity to visit and take the piss but her emergency admission does mean she and S will be able to make Espagna. I’m really looking forward to it, so come on “Chester”, stop the hobbling, we’ve seen it all before (twice), and get mobile!!

Daisy and I had a long walk (R, see that word – walk? It’s what your legs are for!) round the lanes yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t resist photoing the signs of autumn – nor playing around with the images this morning …

Mellow fruits
Next one will be from where the sun shines …

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. Good luck my bestest friend, loads of love, see you fit and well in February xxx

11 thoughts on “Under starters orders

  1. Have a fantastic time and if you get to the Costa Blanca please look us up, we should be there mid October to whenever, March, April, May..be. Still fingers crossed but getting more hopeful.

  2. I hope you have a great trip love your blogs I hope to get away in 3 weeks wife not pushed on Moho travel anymore She is in to horses i admire you making the best of life we have had a Hymer tramp 7yrs now and I hope to travel a lot more when our pensions beded down. Not great on writing e mail. Regards Tom Sent from my iPhone


  3. Have a safe and very enjoyable trip to France, I shall be thinking of you drinking a glass of wine and having egg/chips on the first evening in France

  4. have a wonderful time, will keep an eye on where you are as we plan to be in France sooner or later, so a few drinks could be in order 🙂

      1. we are thinking end of this month or beginning October – keep an eye out for where we are on here and then we can plot a meet 🙂

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