Rear end problems

The last week in Wales was a bit marred by rear end problems;

– for Daisy who is having troubles with over active anal glands

– for R0X1 after an argument with a Welsh wall

– for me after I poisoned myself with my own cooking

I’m presuming no-one is interested in greater elaboration so here are some final scenes from our Welsh sojourn.

Daisy enjoyed an afternoon at Barmouth beach.


🙂 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “Rear end problems

  1. Hi Maggs I live in Lancs on the coast,this explains strange smells wafting up north from Wales.Ha Ha, just joking. Hope you and killer(daisy) are feeling better,what happened tween Roxi and the wall. Keep writing and taking pics I almost feel like i’m a passenger, very enjoyable Mike

    1. I happened! Think I got too used to driving a car again – parked too close to an uneven low stone wall and clipped rear end as I pulled away. I’m all better, Daisy is on long term antibiotics for chronic gland infection.
      Thanks for your kind words Mike – you’ll be travelling through France next week!!

  2. I shall look forward to France , it’s bin a few years since i visited , Have you got 2 breathaliser kits packed. Hope you don’t mind me not travelling with you in person as up ere in t’north us men are simple/shy, and we hear of southern ladies taking advantage of us men with cuddles etc

    1. Yup, been before, so have all the breathalysers, fuses, hi-viz vests, warning triangles etc.!
      Sorry to hear you’re so simple/shy, it must be so difficult to have fun 😞
      Don’t believe all you hear, we southern women are demure and retiring and wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of anyone (less than an Earl/millionaire) no matter from whence they came 😌

  3. Hi Maggs Wot’s your D/day for France bet you are looking forward to it, I would be. If time allows a visit south to the Millau Bridge would be worthwhile ,it’s a beautyand if right weather conditions you can be driving above the clouds it’s so high, below it theres a picnic area to stop and admire view.. Still ain’t sure about southern ladies Truth twixt fiction? Now northern ladies will do everything for their men, it’s the’ir main reason in life, Wash car, scrub back, cookegg/chips, housework etc, they never never ever say no to their man

    1. Went to Millau last year, spent about 4 days there.(see last Sept/Oct blogs) I went specifically to see the bridge as I watched a programme about them building it several years ago. I agree it’s a beaut. We’re under the channel on Tuesday – can’t wait. From the northern women I know you would get none of that treatment!!

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