Music in the dunes

The church of St Tanwg, still in regular use for services, sits right on the beach, amongst the dunes at Llandanwg. It is apparently one of the oldest christian churches in Britain having been founded around 435 AD. It had close links with Ireland through St Patrick, then Bishop of Ireland, and one of the original stones is believed to have come from the Wicklow Hills.

Though not the first structure, parts of the current building date from the early middle ages and it was once richly decorated. In 1789 the walls were re-plastered and whitewashed, as they remain today, and re-floored with flagstones; these crunch underfoot with the sand blown in from the dunes. Electricity has never been installed and it is lit by candles in ancient iron candelabra suspended from the bare roof tresses.

So this was the wonderfully intimate and simple setting, just a one minute walk across the field, for a harp concert performed by Glain Dafydd. She gave a virtuoso performance, a very talented young lady, previously a string finalist in the BBC’s Young Musician of the year and winner of several other prestigious awards.

What an unexpectedly delightful evening.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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