Dim gordiwddyn

I joined the conga line near the front, many others were nowhere near as lucky as they were too far back to see the performance in full. Vehicle number one in the Highways Agency Maintenance Conga Line automatically released white paint at precisely the correct spot, for the correct amount of time to produce the correct length of white line. Vehicle number two released a liquid that I assume was some kind of sealant at precisely the correct spot, for the correct amount of time to produce the correct length of coverage for the white line painted by vehicle one. Vehicle number three carried a huge sign stating that the overtaking of vehicles one, two and three was forbidden. Vehicle number four was a small car so, in position five, I was privileged to see close up all this fantastic modern computer operated technology in action, including, in true conga fashion, the drivers of vehicles one and two periodically stopping briefly to hop out of their cabs and give the nozzles dispensing either paint or (?)sealant a hefty technological kick.

I shall be writing to the Highways Agency Maintenance choreographer (so obviously not Craig Revell -Horwood) to suggest the following improvements to the routine – Vehicle three is not pulling it’s full performance weight and therefore should be equipped with a music system and loudspeakers to broadcast the appropriate conga line accompaniment, the abundant flashing orange lights on all three HAM vehicles can then be synchronised with the music allowing those drivers following to shout “Oi” at precisely the correct moment (i.e. when the drivers kick the nozzles).

Moving at 3 mph is a great speed for admiring the magnificent views along the Dolgellau to Barmouth road but unfortunately too fast for photography.

Daisy has been introduced to the sea, neither seemed overly impressed with the other.

(Apologies if I have misspelt No Overtaking in Welsh)

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dim gordiwddyn

  1. I normally use Hendre Mynach at Barmouth, not cheap, but well-equipped& ideal for the beach, especially out of season when the weather can be quite rough.

  2. my all time favourite places in Wales – mainly the Mawddach Trail that links the two, we cycle it a few times a year staying on the little CL behind the pub at ~Penmaenpool. Serious envy here, lovely photos :~)

    1. Thanks Sandra. I’m not fit enough to cycle or walk anywhere that isn’t flat or very gently sloping, I’m sure it’s a wonderful ride. Still in very soggy N. Wales!

      1. its flatter than flat – its an old railway line. Try it next time you are there, honestly beautiful and one of the easier rides in Wales 🙂

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