The joys of age

One of the joys of being a geriatric is the need, not every night in my case, to get up for a wee during the night. Last night was one of those nights, so up I get at 02.45. Joy of joys, a few minutes after attending to my bodily needs, I am to be found standing on my bed with my head and most of my torso through the roof light admiring the sky. Llangurig is not famed for it’s light pollution and so I had a magical view of dark skies, the stars, the milky way and the Percys, probably saw a dozen or more of those little movers before the temperature forced me back to the duvet and the radiator otherwise known as Daisy. (Just as well I woke last night as the next couple or three nights is due to be very wet.)

We’d spent a couple of nights (only because I’d paid upfront, otherwise it would’ve been one) at a site just outside New Quay (Ceinewydd) at one of the oddest sites I’ve yet been on. Farmer was stone deaf, small field for camping was about 250 meters from the amenities (some folk drove down to the toilets in the middle of the night!) and on one night he packed 12 units into a 5 unit site. Not a site I shall bother to return to. According to the harbour watch daily sightings record, disappointingly too, the dolphins only appeared just before I got there or just after I’d gone.
The drive from there to here was along the scenic route, it’s difficult to avoid them round here, and we stopped at Devil’s Bridge and did the walking trail down and up the 300ft Mynach Falls.

Much better campsite here in the very quiet valley of the adolescent river Wye, surrounded by walkable hills, wonderful views.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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