Bimbling the Brecon Beacons

A couple of nights based at Crug-hywel, downpour dodging during the day – yes, it’s national alliteration day. First day Crug-hywel (Crickhowell) itself;

Next day firstly Brecon, a wander round the town and a canalside coffee followed by a scenic drive and a trip on the Brecon Mountain Railway. We stopped at Pontsticill station on the way down and had a good walk along part of the reservoir. With my usual impeccable timing I headed back to the station cafe for a cuppa before the last train back and was just munching on some a yummy Welshcake s when the monsoon arrived. Daize was unsure whether to be delighted at missing out on the deluge or whingey at missing out on the Welshcake s.

Final day in these beacons which always beckon me, the western end particularly with it’s similarity to Dartmoor, and we took the long way to Rhandirmwyn near Llandovery and the next site.

Progress to the campsite was abruptly halted a mile and a half away by a tree down on the road. It being rather rural Wales there was, of course, no mobile signal. The driver in front of me and I took branches into our own hands to break them off and try and open half the road, we were joined by a couple more drivers when the traffic started to back up, and eventually with some manhandling and the judicious use of a short piece of nylon rope enough room was made.

Totally uneventful retirement time …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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