Gin palace

Three years ago R and I descended on Ledbury in Gloucestershire for the weekend and I’m not ashamed to admit the main reason for this was to attend a Quo gig. Ledbury is a very historic town with loads of old buildings and we spent Saturday morning wandering and admiring. Being Ladies, we lunched and then went shopping for picnic goodies. Now any serious gig goer knows that you have to take wine with you, unless you like the on-site rubbish that passes for beer at hugely inflated prices on these occasions. So into an off licence we went and, this being Ledbury, a very nice off licence it was. In the shop we were approached by a lady with tray and tot glasses who asked if we would like to taste some gin. My very unLadylike answer, for a Lady wot lunches, was “Gimme!” – it was slightly excellent, made by a local company Chase Williams, cost my right little finger (sorry – in joke) but lasted ages. Gig was good, so was the picnic and wine.

I’ve been staying at a site just outside Hereford as I had to pick up the table bracket from an Adria dealer (to replace the one that BB broke) and on my way to the dealers I noticed a sign to Chase distillery. It had to be and I had to go … it was, I did and I bought!

Unfortunately distillery tours only take place on Fridays and this was Monday, but tasting before buying is allowed, and for the more discerning sipper they even have Fevertree tonic, but you have to ask! Mr Chase (or Williams) with whom I nattered in the distillery shop was very interesting told me all about their prize-winning different flavours of vodka and gin. Apparently the big supermarkets do not buy the best blends they go for the blander tasting ones, more mass appeal according to them. He’s sitting on the whisky they’ve started to distill until it’s aged sufficiently to be up to their high standards. He also confided they just happen to have a vineyard in Provence ….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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