On the move …

I’m hoping that the awful weather for the start of of the 2015/16 European tour is in no way indicative of weather for the whole Eurotour …

Week one has been spent doing some visiting. D&N in Glastonbury, P&S in Taunton, coming across some yarn bombing in a park, then up towards the Midlands. Having paid the entrance fee to get over the border into Wales, the overnight campsite provided superb views of the R Usk at Caerleon. For 200 years Isca (Caerleon) was the home of the 2nd Augustan Legion in one of only 3 permanently manned Roman fortresses in Britain. So what did the Romans do for Britain? Well, built the first leisure centres – hot, warm and cold baths, a gym and open air swimming pool – it only took us nearly 2 millennia to reinvent them!!

Ever onward, and an overnight stop at a Hideaway site in an orchard, off the grid, just north of Worcester arriving at Norbury Junction on the Shroppie (Shropshire Union Canal) to spend a couple of days with Big Bruv, Blue Buzzard moored on the cut and R0X1 parked in the pub car park.

Day 2 by the cut and I decided to ask in the chandlery the price of Calor gas as my emergency cylinder was empty – when it came to it I couldn’t tell by looking which size cylinder I have, so with much ribbing from the older brother we went back to the van to find out. After friend S fitted the gauge to the tank (Croeso y Cymru) we did’t actually switch it on and so when Geoff switched on we discovered it was still a third full. I was well pleased as it meant I didn’t have to get my purse out … Back to the boat we went and later that evening Geoff started cooking chilli con carne, he’d just put the rice on the hob when his gas cylinder ran out. “Ah” he says “I’ll show you how to change a cylinder” Eager for my lesson (I haven’t had to change the emergency cylinder yet) I followed him to the cratch and he proceeded to demonstrate and I now know what to do when my emergency cylinder is empty. There was however a slight problem – both his cylinders were empty and the chandlery had shut for the night!

We trudged over to R0X1, him carrying the pans with the half cooked meal, and finished off cooking it on my gas! I wouldn’t ever mention it again … but I’m just not that nice a sister …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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