Aupair has left the building …

… the day before that however, K and I escorted the Smart One to his first Arsenal match at the Emirates – well the first he can remember, he went a couple of times whilst he was cooking! The Gunners delighted him by putting 6 past the Lyons goalie whilst conceding none. What a fantastic first match for him.

Kate carried on her traditional practice of missing a goal whilst doing the tea run. In fact she created a new record for herself and missed 3 –  and she wasn’t away long – we tried to get her to do another run but she refused and therefore saw the last 2 from her seat 😊

His first Arsenal match

Resplendent in new cap and home shirt the Smart One declared it a good day.

and there's more ...

And there was one more yet to come.

Mum and Grandma weren’t too unhappy either! Especially with the news that today the Gunners beat Wolfsburg 1-0 to win the Emirates Cup for the first time since 2010.

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aupair has left the building …

    1. She did indeed. A neighbour popped in to give her her tea and let her out for a while. We were only away about 7 hours but she was very glad to see us back!

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