Job’s a good’un

A couple of evenings ago I encountered an Asda delivery chap in the lane, he apologised that his truck was almost blocking our progress down the lane and hoped the noise of his diesel engine wouldn’t upset Daisy. I assured him that she was well used to the sound of truck engines and why. We chatted for a bit and then he opened up the door of his van’s storage compartment and switched on the light – and I had the light bulb moment! My garage now has an LED light strip stuck to the wall, battery operated with PIR it switches itself on as I stick my head through the doorway, when ambient light is insufficient, and switches off 15 secs after my movements stop … job’s a good’un!

Activity aboard has increased recently. Some stuff which either took up too much space or wasn’t needed has been replaced; electric toaster out, folding camping toaster to fit over the gas burner in; large whistling kettle demoted to the garage (for when I have visitors), small collapsible kettle in; Hoselock reel and 50ft hose out, expandable hosepipe in. Drawer/garage space increased … job’s a good’un.

R0X1 is sparkling, cupboards are dejunked and tidy, winter gear stowed in the garage in case inland Spain’s a bit nippy in January … come to that, in case Wales is a bit nippy in August! Eye Witness guides for Spain and Portugal and All the Aires for Spain and Portugal purchased. Eurotunnel ticket booked and paid. Appointments for Daisy groom and booster jabs made.

Just need to do an Aldi or Lidl run to restock food store-cupboard this time next week … 10 days til the launch of the 2015/2016 European tour.

And finally …

a bit of image manipulation.

🙂 🙂 🙂

13 thoughts on “Job’s a good’un

  1. Good luck Maggs with your 2015/6 /Eurotour. Have fun and keep safe !
    Love Hevvs & Clive

  2. I love the week before a trip, everything to look forward to. Can;t wait to see where you get to, and hope wherever it is you have a safe and wonderful trip x

  3. Hi Maggs have a great holiday, looking forward to pics and stories etc from you and killer( Daisy ). Mike

    1. Thanks Mike. The latest assassination was a duck. It seems to be all about the stuffing, once she’s knocked that out of them she becomes very attached to the remains! Duck and Father Christmas are nothing more than rags, but she loves them … no accounting. If I actually gave her a rag …….. 😦

  4. I am doing the same thing on my end: restocking, downsizing, getting my Charlotte road ready.
    Your photos are absolutely dream-like. So stunning and creative.

  5. Oh, wow, time travels fast! Only 10 (well, by the time I am reading this) now 6 days to go! Have a wonderful trip and keep blogging. I love your texts and pictures! They’re really lovely.

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