Cornish quickie.

Daise and I meandered down to Cornwall and to see the VBFs for a long weekend on Friday. We stopped off on the way and met up with J & B (son and partner) for a few hours. Lovely to see them both, even if very briefly, and looking forward to their visit here in a couple of weeks.

The Cornish weather was reasonably well behaved and we had a couple of lovely walks, a couple (or more) bevvies, lots of chat and good food and we Planned. Amazingly enough considering the amount of wine and cider sunk, the plans still seem to make sense. We’re meeting in Abergavenny on the 4th August for the baseline setting 3 week Welsh Coastal Tour (and pub crawl) and then meeting in Malaga at the beginning of February ’16 for the compare and contrast tour in Spain.

One of the walks along one of the Tamar trails took us past an area of tin mining, abandoned in the mid 18th century, and the huge spoil tips the mining created. The spoil was deemed to be valuable when it was discovered that the arsenic by product killed the boll weevil, the bane of the cotton fields, so the spoil was exported to the Americas as a pesticide. Despite the arsenic remaining in the spoil today, there are several badger setts in the spoil heaps.

And along the side of the trail from where we were viewing the spoil tips were half a dozen huge ants nests. The ants have gathered all the fallen pine needles to make their nests on the warm south facing slopes – so glad it wasn’t warm enough for them to swarm!

Back to Berks yesterday and today the Very Special Date became even specialer. R0X1, who got toasted once or twice over the weekend, had a first birthday present of a new hanging decoration, we are remembering Keith with lots of love on his birthday, and K passed her final assessment and viva voce with a grade 1 (outstanding) to become a qualified teacher this morning. (Good job really; I might have thrown a tantrum and demanded compensation for a wasted winter had she failed!!) So to celebrate, we’re out for a meal tonight with some friends  – might also be some bevvies drunk.

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cornish quickie.

  1. Congratulations to Kate! How do you get to Malaga, with Roxie by boat? Without Roxie with wings? Not by road surely?

    1. I’m leaving UK 1/9/15 via eurotunnel in R0X1. Slowly down west coast France over Pyrenees mid to late Oct then slowly zig zag down Spain to be with you late November ( and maybe again for Xmas – not sure yet). My very best friend is flying to Malaga with hubby 1/2/16, they’re hiring a VW camper, I’ll join them there and we’ll have a good meander through southern Spain for the rest of that month 😀

  2. Sounds very feasible. Let us know whether you will be with us for Xmas, we will treat you to a four night stay at the Hotel we go to every year! About twelve of our crowd come too! Midnight service in English at our Church just down the road. We have to find out about Daisy though. Be in touch soon. XXXXXX

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