The great food debate

My head is hurting, I’ve had to Think, haven’t done that since last years retirement!

I’ve been wondering what to do about Daisy’s food on our extended trip which starts in September. Currently she is on Wainwrights which, as its exclusive to Pets at Home I won’t be able to buy abroad, and taking it all with me will take up too much room and rear axle weight. I put a question on a dog feeding forum and was informed  about air dried foods mainly Ziwipeak. It’s one of the no grain, high protein foods and would be good for Daise, space saving and less weight on the rear axle. Unfortunately, having done all the sums – amount per day x time away = amount needed, amount needed x price = total price, total price ÷ time away = monthly spend – it would be a huge weight on my purse at over  £56 a month. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the little bugger (most of the time) but she would literally be eating her way through my wine allowance and half the contents of my weekly shop.

In order to do the above sums I’d called in to a local stockist to find out daily amount, price, bags sizes etc. and the very helpful assistant introduced me to Canagan as a cheaper alternative. This is a Brit made food on the same lines as Ziwipeak (NZ), no grains, high protein, no additives etc. but is still a kibble, so initially I rejected it on space/weight on the rear axle grounds. I told the lass I’d do the necessary calculations for Ziwipeak and return to order it.

So this morning after having done the calculations for Ziwipeak, I did them again for Canagan (you can see why my brain hurts). Canagan being a high protein food, daily grammidge is significantly less than for Wainwrights. As I only need 3 x 12 kg bags it’s good for the space/weight on the rear axle but more importantly, as well as being good for Daise it works out at £22.50 per month.

Problem solved – at least I think so; I need the Smart One to check my maths …

The haircut🙂 🙂 🙂

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