A very special date

is getting close. No, I don’t mean the slap on the polyfilla, put on a dress kind of date. I mean an anniversary type date, a particular day on the calendar. In a few weeks it will be a year since I took delivery of R0X1. The date was 23.06.14 and by pure coincidence (or not, depending what your beliefs are) it would have been my beloved’s birthday. Call me silly, but that has always seemed to me like a sign of his approval, as if he were saying “You go for it, and enjoy it enough for both of us”. So after 30 years and 1 year it seems it’s still a day for celebration. But what to do? Cake? Wine? A drive by? It appears I have to put my thinking cap on.

Last week the Smart One and I had a great day in London. We went to the Tower, he was impressed with my jewellery, but disappointed with the lack of blood and gore in the Bloody Tower. I was impressed they let us out after the Smart One asked one of the Yeoman Warders how much the crowns were worth and I asked how the State crown was transported to Madge for the State Opening of Parliament a couple of days earlier. The answers respectively were “priceless and uninsurable”, and “I can’t answer that for security reasons”!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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