Jazz and goose poo.

Daisy and I took the train to Henley today. We walked Thamesside in spring warmth alongside many other bank holiday weekend trippers. The river was busy, full of day boats, narrowboats, wide beam barges, trip boats, cruisers and the odd row boat. Daisy, disgustingly doggy in her habits, ate goose poo (and wonders why I don’t want her to lick me) and raced to the end of her lead across the buttercup drifts in the field. For a while we sat on the grass by the bandstand listening to a jazz septet, families with picnics, old women with dogs(!), couples romantically entwined, children twirling (and falling!) united in foot tapping or swaying enjoyment.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jazz and goose poo.

  1. Goose poo – that reminds me of a party I went to at Twickenham Rowing Club, my friend was rather inebriated and went outside for some “fresh air” (with a rower in tow). She came back covered in Goose Poo and we told her so………………. We cleaned her up as much as possible and the next day she said to me “What is that green stuff that you rowers all call Goose Poo?.” She was horrified at my response. I still laugh at that scene some 15 years later!!!!!
    Henley, one of my favourite places. The campsite Swiss Farm is great too.

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