18 thoughts on “A very sad day …

  1. Hi Mags. Sorry about your news, I did’nt know him, but he looked a nice chap with a big heart and a big smile. Mike

  2. may he rest in peace and may you find some strength in the love of those around you. Look after yourself and take care xxx

  3. Please take heart that he is suffering no more and we trust you will not suffer too much in grieving – try to concentrate on all the great times and happy memories which will be the best compliment you can pay him.
    All our love
    Clive and Hevvs

    1. Bless you guys, I’ve been writing his eulogy and the accent is very much on his sense of fun, which he never lost, and his fight to live as normally as possible. I’ll email you a copy when I’ve finished revising!
      Love to you both, I should be down end of July. xxxxx

  4. Sorry about your loss! Wish you all the strength! He will certainly accompany you on your wanderings.

  5. Hi Maggs Just wondering how you are, and of course Daisy ( Your little killer dog) is Mike

    1. How kind of you to ask Mike. I’m a bit up and down but Daisy is fine, up to no good of course! I’m really looking forward to August and Wales, then France and Spain … 😊

  6. Hi I’m glad you are looking forward to your hols, WOW all those great places to explore. I can visualise you in your jim jams with Daisy on your knee, a glass of wine and maltesers nearby, Frank Sinatra singing away, roadmaps etc all around the floor\table doing the planning.

    1. Yes to jim jams, Daisy and wine. No to Maltesers (plain chocolate brazils). No to Frank Sinatra, (Bublé when in the mood for crooners). Planning? Very little – rough ideas of route and then go with the flow …

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