One or two mishaps have occurred.

First it was the ill fated hook up point. Extremely embarrassed neighbour knocked at Kate’s door to announce she’d attempted to park slightly too close to R0X1 on this occasion. I park front in as it’s easier to reverse out and also because the hab. door then opens out onto the kerb and some green stuff – OK weeds – neighbour backs in tight to R0X1 and then has plenty of room to let dogs out on the other side of her car. I have much admired her manoeuvring skills (especially as she has no hands and has a handle on the wheel that her hooks can grip) in getting so close still leaving me just enough room to reverse out. However she got a bit too close and clouted the top of the hook up cover, which as all know sticks out a couple of inches when the plug is in, with her wing mirror. Not a huge problem …

BB was staying with me on a campsite over bank holiday weekend whilst we visited t’other brother who’s still very poorly in hospital. He declared a dislike of the ladder to get up to the top bed. I completely understand as I use that bed when K stays with me because of her back problems and the ladder is very hard on the feet. He reckoned he could get into bed by climbing up from the pilot seats. He was right, he could, not bad at his age, it worked a treat first night; unfortunately he also included the table in his scaling of the heights on the second occasion and his weight proved a tad much …

Tomorrow I’m off to the dealers to order a new hook up point and a new mounting for the table. Looking on the bright side, I’m not to blame and I’m not paying for, or fitting, the parts!!

Other things are occupying my mind at the moment so there’s not much to blog about (apart from the DVLA annoying me again as they’ve been trying to get me to renew my vehicle tax a month before it’s due) and the camera hasn’t been out either; it seems appropriate to post these instead …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “One or two mishaps have occurred.

  1. Hope Roxie is getting tarted up for the trip to Europe! Who is the chap in the top hat? When was the picture of Peter taken, and I assume that is Geoff with you both in the first picture!

    1. R0X1 might get a wash if she’s lucky!! I’m planning my route going down the west coast route and then wander through the Pyrenees not sure yet where I shall cross.
      Chap in top hat is Geoff waiting for his New Years day lunch ’14, Pete photo taken in ’08 at Seaton tramway in Devon. They have a few miles of track, he and I had a great day. The three of us was Xmas ’13.

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