Campsite NHS

This week’s been a bit of a shock to the system, I didn’t realise how deeply into laid back dawdling I’d got over the Easter hols.

Sunday evening the Smart One came home and on Monday had an inset day so we got some heavy duty hugging/re-bonding done, it had, after all, been a whole fortnight! K had her first day at the school she will be permanently employed in from September. After K’s successful interview for a permanent post her new Head (after seeking permission from her husband, K’s previous Head) asked her to finish her training at her new school and with the children that will be her class then – K  was well chuffed at that. First day went well and the whole staff were very welcoming – I think her luck has changed at long last.

The rest of the week has been the dentist, the shopping, the school run, the Cubs run, the after school IT club run, the latter 3 of which Daisy adores as she gets to run as well and as the school is 1 ½ miles away it sorts out both our exercise regimes! We’re also doing very well at our own homework following Tuesday’s training session.

Saturday, the Smart One did his Cub duty handing out drinks at the unveiling of the new village sign. It’s really a rather nice sign, done by a local artist from suggestions made by local schoolchildren and it gave our local MP the chance to show her face to her soon to be voting constituents. To be fair the Right Hon. Home Secretary didn’t use the occasion to electioneer but, of course, it will all look terribly good in the local press. Me cynical? Never. (I stood right at the back of the not overly large crowd and successfully managed to catch not one glimpse of her.)

I’d just settled down for a lazy afternoon when I got one of the dreaded calls, promptly unhooked and R0X1, Daisy and I headed for Cambridgeshire. P had a bit of a turn, was admitted to hospital and I needed to chat to his doctors. The Acute Admissions Unit were lovely and gave me a hanger for the windscreen which allowed me to park free and despite it being Saturday night, this was rural Cambridgeshire and Daisy and I spent a quiet night in the hospital car park.

Today after a chat with his consultant we’ve come home with assurances that I will be informed if there are any changes. P has to be commended for his timing – at least he waited ’til I was back in the country! Get well soon P.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Campsite NHS

  1. Hope everything ok now, see you took opportunity for more stunning photos though 🙂 x

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