Unexpected entertainment

Daisy was not impressed by the rather suave French vet, (I was, he only charged €36!) especially after he shoved a couple of tablets way down her throat and then squirted water into her mouth to ensure the swallow. I immediately offered her a treat but she caused much mirth to both vet and I by sulkily refusing. He duly signed and stamped the Blue Book in all the right places and so we were set to be allowed back into our own country! After the wine stock had been topped up I went back to the site and a lovely long walk along more farm tracks with 180˚ views and a gloriously warm afternoon to enjoy. Then after photoing Daisy’s nemesis, the pink cow (it’s the eyes, they look totally psychotic), which we parked well away from this time to ensure all campers aural health wasn’t ruined, I discovered, and spent a while chatting to, new campals Jenny and Paul and we reduced the wine stock a little. They had just arrived and are on their way out on a 3 month trip, their first time for some years, have a great and safe tour both …


For our last day for this trip I’d found a PF stop at Guȋnes, near Calais and decided to arrive by lunchtime to avoid disappointment (and the possible immigrant issue if I had to stop overnight in Calais) and was prepared to be bored for the afternoon. Well colour me surprised when I arrived chez Etienne and he informed me of a “promenade” to one side of the site and a museum to the other. The promenade proved to be a lovely little nature reserve with a board walk all round a marsh, loads of birdsong and little other noise, (luckily we were almost back at the beginning when the school kids arrived!) The museum an outdoor one of rural life during the fifties was started by Denis Baclez who I think might have been Etienne’s father, there were even some fifties Paris Match magazines that you could leaf through, rather a nice change to the usual “ne touche pas”.

And then at the crack of dawn today we were up, up and away. Channel tunnel? Pouf – Daisy couldn’t’ve cared less; boring, but she enjoyed the extra snuggle … !!!

Met up with some  family friends of old who just happened to be in Kent this week, at Maidstone services on the way home. It’s been so long we couldn’t possibly catch up on everything in a couple of hours but November at theirs in Spain for a continuation sounds good to me; and Julia, don’t care what you say, I’ve been a crap Godmother. It was wonderful to see the the three of them – it’s been a while (and then some)

All in all rather a splendid end to mine and Daisy’s first joint foreign adventure.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Unexpected entertainment

  1. So wonderful to catch up with you once again, we will all look out for future blogs with interest xxxxxx

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