Pillow talk extra large


Yes, Daisy.

I really don’t like that short lead that you’re using at all.

And who’s fault is it that I have to use it as it’s the only lead left, Daisy?


Well, young lady …

I’ve been a bit naughty haven’t I?

That’s putting it mildly. Chewing through two leads in less than a week is more than a BIT naughty. Especially as I’ve been telling you no, so now you don’t do it when I’m watching. Then there’s the refusal to come when called and treating the whole thing like a game – 20 minutes to get you back the other day. I think you must be the equivalent of a rebellious teen, so no more off lead until you learn to behave again, and no more expensive extendable leads until you stop chewing. Also, you’re going to school when we get home.

With JJ? (keenly).

No you nitwit. Obedience classes for you.

Oh …

(more silence)


Yes Daisy.

I love you, Mummy. Can I snuggle? (squirming)

Of course Daisy. I love you too, but I don’t like you very much at the moment.

I’m sorry Mummy.


Yes Mummy.

No licking.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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