Going off piste

I’m totally WW’d out, not madly keen on this part of Europe, it’s busy, noisy and built up and I want peace, quiet and countryside. So tomorrow I’m throwing out the guide book, off back into France and making my own itinerary – day 1 is out of here and towards Verdun and a Passion France overnight and day 2  Reims possibly an ACSI and some sightseeing. I’ll continue to make my way back up to Calais, nomaggsrush style!

Monday was Vimy ridge and the Canadian reconstruction of sections of trench, but it was the size of the craters that staggered me – some 30-40 feet deep and 50-100 ft wide, all left as they were at the end of the argument. Because of all the tree growth it was impossible to get a true idea as to what the men saw as they peeped over the top, but those craters scared the **i*  out of me.

On to Ieper (Ypres/Wipers), via Hyde Park corner and the Pool of Peace. The campsite was full and the motorhome stop was between a floodlit skateboard park and a huge sport complex, add to that the weather had closed in and an evening in R0X1 didn’t seem like a bright idea. Bastogne it was then – long drive but the weather cleared and we arrived in bright sunshine at a site which had a pitch (but I could see why!).

Next morning off to see the WW2 American memorial, done in a five point star commemorating the Battle of the Bulge. Once again very moving.

We whizzed through Luxembourg stopping briefly for the lowest priced diesel in this part of Europe, at €1.05 per litre I wished I had a reserve tank! Lucky again with pitch availability in Trier, Germany. The site is right by the R. Mosel with a view of the river and extremely large barges, with the crew’s cars on the back, (I bet BB doesn’t fancy navigating one of those in a gale …) and has the best showering/toilet facilities I’ve so far come across. We went for a walk into the city and I was “delighted” to hear the Hari Krishna’s are still alive and chanting. Daisy wanted to join in much to amusement of other patrons of the cafe … actually her chanting is much more tuneful!

Today we got up late, 2 days of long drives (and chanting) caught up with us. We eventually went back into the city for sightseeing, unfortunately most of the Roman stuff is covered with scaffolding and plastic. I consoled myself with lunch, a small pizza (€2.50) from a kiosk, washed down with a lovely glass of local dry white (€1.50) from a stall. Yep, I can spend money like it’s going out of fashion …

🙂 🙂 🙂

7 thoughts on “Going off piste

  1. All of it bringing back memories, The WWII stuff just has to be done but the Mosel is beautiful. Better than the Rhine in my opinion. Have a great time.

    1. You buy a card and maps for all their registered sites which meet a certain standard and out of high season get a good discount .. you only have use the sites for a couple of nights before you’ve covered your outlay. Covers most european countries.

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